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Jan and Mark talk state tournament recap and the future of Iowa High School wrestling

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Jan and Mark talk state tournament, match ups etc.  Wrestlers Clear The Mat.

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Jan and Mark talk sectional results, upsets and history.  Listen to a lively conversation about wrestling and the tournament.

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Jan and Mark talk end of the year tournaments, sportsmanship, health, Wrestler moving weights etc..

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Jan and Mark talk district breakdown, girls state, coaches meeting and the stretch run to the state tournament.

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Jan and Mark talk wrestlers and tournaments.

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Jan and Mark talk local action, systematic wrestling styles and the State Tournament

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Jan and Mark talk first half action and some of our favorite fun practice ideas.

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Jan and Mark talk rankings, big matches, tournaments, covid developments and other related stuff.

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Jan and Mark talk about past weeks actions, pre-match visits.  Hot dogging during a match, fans, and a shout out to Paige Storm and her Lennox SD girl wrestlers.

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Jan and Mark talk opening action, match protocol, and rankings.

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Jan and Mark talk the new normal during the Covid 19 pandemic.  

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Jan and Mark finish up the 2019-2020 season with a recap of the state tournament for local teams and wrestlers.  See you all  next fall for season 15

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Its Time its State Tournament time and Jan and Mark talk about the state duals and individual state tournament as well as districts. 

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Jan and Mark ramble on about tournament time.  Enjoy the show.

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Jan and Mark talk behaviors, tournaments and the future of wrestling.

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Jan and Mark talk weather, rankings, girls state, parent actions, officiating.

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Jan and Mark talk local wrestling.  Talk about Iowa going all in.

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Jan and Mark talk local wrestling.

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Jan and Mark talk tournaments, rankings, officiating numbers big matches.

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Jan and Mark talk taking the step and tournament planning.

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Jan and Mark talk Gerrymandering of sectionals and Districts along with some new rules.

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Jan and Mark start their 14 season talking local wrestling.  MatSlammer is approaching 17000 downloads since we started this journey.

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Jan and Mark talk season ending excitement.   They also talk matches and seeding results along with complaints as usual.  But in the end the state tournament had some classic action

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It's that time of year. Its State Tournament time.  Jan and Mark talk District actions, Seeds for the state and of course our opinions on the State Dual's.

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Jan and Mark talk tournament time and pairings.  It is an exciting time in Iowa this time of the year.

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Jan and Mark talk tournament, and Jan throws in some conspiracy theroeis on the head gear.

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Jan and Mark have a lively discussion regarding the upcoming tournaments, first state girls tournament, regional dual sites for the right to go to the team dual's and more.  Listen and enjoy.

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Jan and Mark talk local action with focus on coaches and wrestlers behavior on and off the mat.

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Jan and Mark discuss situations that has come up in local action as well as national action such as the now viral video of a wrestler having his hair cut matside.

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Jan and Mark continue their banter back and forth about local wrestling.  Both of us want to wish you all a happy Holidays.

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Jan and Mark continue their discussion of local programs and wrestlers.

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Jan and Mark talk early actions and upcoming tournaments and meets.  Listen and enjoy the talk about local Northwest Iowa wrestling.

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Jan and Mark start their 13th season.  Listen to the banter back and forth about local wrestling.

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Jan and Mark talk district and state wrestling.  Overall talk about the ups and downs of the end of the season.

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Jan and Mark talk Sectional and District action.  Enjoy.

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Jan and Mark talk tournament time, getting prepared, number of Northwest Iowa officials at the state tournament.

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Jan and Mark talk local action, key matches and up coming sectional and district competition.

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Jan and Mark talk slams and results.

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Jan and Mark talk local action dual rankings and general mattalk.

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Jan and Mark wrap up the first half the wrestling season with some great reflection of the first half and Mark ask a question regarding weigh-ins.  Merry Christmas to all.

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Jan and Mark talk results, behavior and future matches.

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Jan and Mark talk local action from the past week.  We also talk about situations that have occurred from the officials point of view

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Jan and Mark talk sectional and district assignments with some conspiracy theories mentioned to get the blood to boil.

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Year 12 starts with a good rambling and introduction.  I said 14 in the show but its year 12.

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Jan and Mark wrap of the 2016-2017 season

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Jan and Mark talk State Tournament

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Jan and Mark talk tournament results, sportsmanship and Iowa State wrestling.

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Jan and Mark talk getting ready for tournament time and Hinton new room and officiating.

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Jan and Mark talk about the push the last few weeks of wrestling before tournaments and we inject what we did as coaches.  We also talk about how to increase numbers in wrestling and officiating plus are other ramblings.

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Jan and Mark start the second half of the season talking moving weight classes and of course we get off topic and ramble about other wrestling topic.

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Jan and Mark talk 2 piece uniforms and possible other changes in wrestling we would like to see.  We also talk about weather and the Battle of Waterloo.

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Jan and Mark talk recent results and of  course banter about officiating and sportsmanship.

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Jan and Mark talk local wrestling.  In this show we talk about a class act in Tyler Zieman of Cherokee.  Also, we talk about some great action at some of the local wrestling tournament.

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Jan and Mark talk TV coverage of state tournaments, recent meets, rankings and of course we go off topic.  Listen and enjoy.

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Jan and Mark talk Columbia Wrestling, Olympic, College and High School wrestling.  The season is here.

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Jan and Mark start off their 11th season talking wrestling.  Sit back and enjoy their wit and wisdom.  Feel free to leave comments or email us at

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Jan and Mark talk post district pre state tournament.

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Jan and Mark continue their banter with the post sectional tournament show.

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Jan and Mark talking seeding, records what should or should not counted and how this could be used in seeding, talk about shortages of officals and skin issues.

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Jan and Mark talk big matches, getting ready for state tournament run and Jan goes off on the complainers of IWOCA dual team rankings.

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Jan and Mark continue their talk about the current season.  They talk about tournaments of the past and present.  There discussion also includes what athletes and coaches should be doing as the season gets closer to the tournament time.

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What can I say another show by Jan George and Mark Caputo talking Iowa High School Wrestling.

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Jan and Mark talk about the actions in weeks one and two. They both talk about the loss of a local wrestler.

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Jan and Mark start their 10th season of MatSlammers with at general discussion of wrestling and one real word or Rankings.  That's next week show.

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Jan and Mark rap up season 9 of MatSlammers.  Enjoy the banter back and forth.

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Great action hear in Des Moines dreams are made and crushed all with seconds of each other.  Listen to a detailed recap of the action by Jan.

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Just a brief recap of the first two sessions of the 2015 state tournament.

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Jan and Mark talk state duals and Individual tournament.  Also included are interviews with the Hiinton wrestlers and Coach Crawford.

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Tournament time discussion for 1A and 2A with just a bit of 3A tossed in.

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Jan and Mark talk college and local high school action.  Tournament time is just around the corner.

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Another great conversation about wrestling.  Jan and Mark talk about youth wrestling, parents and overall general visiting.

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Jan and Mark talk about youth wrestling,comparing South Dakota wrestling with Iowa and results from tournament around the area.

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Jan and Mark continue their lively conversation on local and college wrestling.

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Jan and Mark talk local action, tournament locations and Jan's new idea for wrestling.

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Jan and Mark just randomly talk about the up coming season, rules changes and all things wrestling.

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Jan and Mark rap up Season 8.  It has been a great season on and off the Mat.

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A quick recap of 3A wrestling.

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A recap of local 2A wrestling.  Big Upset Brent Tomoson over number 1 ranked Drew Buster of Mediapolis

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Jan and Mark talk district, dual state and individual state tournament.  The time has arrived for the wrestlers to take the mat and complete their goals of winning state.

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Jan and Mark talk sectional tournament results, regonial dual tournaments and the poor positioning of local teams at the State Dual Tournament.

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Jan and Mark continue their bantering back and forth.  Their focus is on Sectionals, officials and wrestlers prep for the tournaments.

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Jan and Mark discuss the end of the grind, filling the emotional tank of the wrestlers towards the end of the season and of course they get off point and just talk.

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Jan and Mark discuss rule changes for coaches and part of their weekly wrestling discussion.

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Jan and Mark are back for the second half of the 2013-2014 season.  Great discussion regarding the last week of the first half of the season.  The second part we focus in on stall more specifically in a few position where stalling has been called.  It seems like the mic sound is low so let me know how it plays.  at

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In show 4 Jan and Mark talk tournaments.  There is a new large two day tournament in Council Bluffs and Hinton.  In the second half of the show we talk NCAA tournament sites.  Enjoy the banter of two former coaches.

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Jan and Mark continue to discuss ways to recruit new officals and more talk on the up comming week of competition.  This show is late due to computer issues.  Enjoy!

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Jan and Mark continue their discussion of local programs both high school and college and their potential for the upcomming season in the first segment.   Then in the second segment they talk about concussions and the offical responsiblity and a intense conversation regarding forfeits.  Enjoy the show.

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Jan and Mark return for season 8.  They will continue the wrestling conversation as if they did not take a break from last season.  To our followers thanks for the support that you have given us.

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Jan and Mark talk state tournament

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Jan and Mark talk regional duals, sectionals, district and a suggestion by a few coaches of eliminating sectionals for 1A and 2A schools.

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Jan and Mark talk sectional and sanctions!

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Jan and Mark again get together and talk Wrestling and Officating.  With tournament time just around the corner what the coaches doing to get there teams ready?

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Jan and Mark continue their discussion of local and college wrestling along with other topics.

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Jan and Mark talk paper work, results and officating.

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Jan and Mark continue to talk officating ways to improve it, encourage others to join.

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Jan and Mark talk about the use of message boards and are positive or negitive.

Direct download: MatSlammers_Season_7_vol_4a.mp3
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Jan Marks continue conversation about the greatest sports ever played!

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Jan and Mark continue on their conversation about local wrestling action.

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Jan and Mark continue the discussion of local High School and College Wresttling.

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Jan and Mark are at again talking local action both High School and College.

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3rd part of show 1

Direct download: MatSlammers_Season_7_vol_1bb.mp3
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Jan and Mark begin their 7th season talking wrestling and whats been happening since last season.

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Jan goes over the first few rounds of the 2012 state tournament.

Direct download: State_2012_A.mp3
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Jan and Mark talk tournament time!!

Direct download: MatSlammers_Season_6_vol_11z.mp3
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Jan and Mark talk wrestling. 

Direct download: MatSlammers_Show_10_season_6.mp3
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Jan and Mark have a great conversation regarding stalling.  Listen and enjoy.

Direct download: MatSlammers_Season_6_show_8.mp3
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Jan and Mark talk local wrestling as tournament time is around the cornner.

Direct download: Show_6_season6.mp3
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Jan and Mark talk local action before the Holidays.

Direct download: MatSlammers_Season_6_vol__5.mp3
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Jan and Mark talk about the frustration of coaching and of course their typical discussion of local wrestling.

Direct download: MatSlammers_Season_6_vol_3.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:06pm CDT

Jan and Mark talk local High School and College wrestling.

Direct download: MatSlammers_Season_6_vol_2.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:03pm CDT

Mark and Jan are back at it.  Talking wrestling around Northwest Iowa.  Listen and enjoy.

Direct download: MatSlammers_Season_6_vol_1.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:20pm CDT

Another great show for Jan and Mark.  They discuss the opening of the 2010 wrestling season.

Direct download: MatSlammers_season_5_vol_3.mp3
Category:Sports -- posted at: 7:45pm CDT

Jan and Mark talk local wrestling while breaking down a few of the local teams.

Direct download: MatSlammers_season_5_vol_2.mp3
Category:Sports -- posted at: 3:29am CDT

Jan and Mark talk wrestling for the 5th year.  Listen and enjoy the lively conversation.  Don't forget to add your thoughts on the comment section of each show.

Direct download: MatSlammers_season_5_vol_1.mp3
Category:Sports -- posted at: 6:30pm CDT

A wrap on the season 4.  Discussion and Interviews with local wrestlers and wrestling official Doug Manley.

Direct download: MatSlammers_Season_4_vol_10.mp3
Category:Sports -- posted at: 8:23pm CDT

Jan and Mark talk state tournament.  It is a lively conversation with a few prediction.  Listen and enjoy.

Direct download: MatSlammers_Season_4_vol_9.mp3
Category:Sports -- posted at: 9:37pm CDT

Jan and Mark have a spirited discussion reagarding stalling, sectional and district tournaments.  Good luck to you all.

Direct download: MatSlammers_Season_4_vol_8.mp3
Category:Sports -- posted at: 8:58pm CDT

Another great show with Mark and Jan discussion local wrestling actions.

Direct download: MatSlammers_Season_4_vol_7.mp3
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MatSlammers Season 4 vol 6 Jan and Mark again spar against each other during there show regarding Northwest Iowa wrestling.
Direct download: MatSlammers_Season_4_vol_6.mp3
Category:Sports -- posted at: 6:34pm CDT

Jan and Mark discuss in this week show whats appropriate or not when in comes to number of matches for official to officiate.  We also discuss why coaches should report their results and off course our fantasy matches of the week.
Direct download: MatSlammers_Season_4_vol_5.mp3
Category:Sports -- posted at: 8:14pm CDT

Jan and Mark discuss local action and even make a prediction or two and a new added feature fantasy match.  let us know what your thinking and why.
Direct download: MatSlammers_Season_4_vol_4.mp3
Category:Sports -- posted at: 1:22pm CDT

Jan and Mark talk wrestling, listen to the lively conversation they have regarding the Iowa vs Iowa State dual.
Direct download: MatSlammers_Season_4_vol_3.mp3
Category:Sports -- posted at: 1:33pm CDT

Jan and Mark begin another year with lively conversation regarding college and High School wrestling.  We welcome emails and posting commenting on the program.
Direct download: MatSlammers_Season_4_vol2.mp3
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In show 13 Jan and Mark talk youth wrestling and the NCAA’s.  With different opinions this show has some fireworks. 

Direct download: MatSlammers_vol_13_Season_3.mp3
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A lively discussion of season ending actions with local high school and colleges.  Also, bonus interview with Joe Sievert state champ from Akron and Doug Manley official evaluator of officials at the state tournament.
Direct download: MatSlammers_Season_3_vol12.mp3
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Jan and Mark review state tournament draws for the local wrestlers.
Direct download: Mat_Slammers_Season_3_vol_11.mp3
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Jan and Mark rehash the last weeks sectional tournaments that took place in Rock Rapids and Sioux Rapids.  The district looks to be the battle of the rapids so to speak.  Jan takes issue with stalling but what’s new with that and Mark counters but that not new either.  Also, a brief peak at the 3A district in Spencer.

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Jan and Mark discuss local sectional action of 1A and 2A.
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Jan and Mark talk about the NWCA Optimal Performance calculator and lack of results being posted by the states coaches.  Also, the conversation includes local action and college actions as well as the NCAA qualification process.
Direct download: Mat_Slammers_Season_3_vol_8.mp3
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Great discussion regarding local wrestling and Response to Cael Sanderson press conference following the National Duals.
Direct download: Mat_Slammers_Season_3_vol_7.mp3
Category:Sports -- posted at: 8:54pm CDT

Jan and Mark again rattle on about the great Northwest Iowa wrestling and visit about the Midlands.
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Category:Sports -- posted at: 7:15pm CDT

Jan and Mark talk local wrestling.  With the high school season on its way listen to the lively discussion we have regarding the local athletes and of course our banter on college wrestling as well.
Direct download: Mat_Slammers_Season_3_vol_4.mp3
Category:Sports -- posted at: 7:30pm CDT

General discussion of high school and college wrestling.  Also, an interview with Cael Sanderson the Head Coach at Iowa State.
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Jan and Mark are back for season 3.  General discussion regarding the upcoming season.
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The last show for Season 2.  Jan and Mark talk on the recent NCAA tournament and upcoming Freestyle tournament.
Season 3 will start with the upcoming Olympic Trials.

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Jan and Mark discuss the NAIA tournament.
Direct download: Mat_Slammers_Season_2_vol_16.mp3
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Two great matches that will make Northwest Iowa proud.  Catch the action with Jan and Mark.
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What a match that will go down as one of the best ever!!  Herda vs Koethe
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Jan and Mark go play by play of several key 3A matches listen at your when
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Jan and Mark does play by play blow by blow pin by pin several key Northwest Iowa matches.  Kistner, Ryan's, Garrett, Wilkins and more

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Jan gives the play by play blow by blow account of the David Stubblefield, Bishop Heelan, Nick Loughlin, Cherokee, Josh Ihnen, Sheldon and Tim Jones Cherokee.  3A On Thursday...
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Jan and Mark discussion local district results and upcoming first round matches.  Jan and Mark will be down at the state tournament getting interviews and tournament matches.
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Jan and Mark engage in a lively discussion regarding results of 1A and 2A sectional and regional actions as well a recap of our early season prediction of 3A District action at Sioux City North.
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Jan and Mark discuss 1A and 2A Northwest Iowa sectional tournaments.  Also a great discussion regarding rewards for participation or nothing. 

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General discussion about local tournaments.  Also, some great interviews with Doyal Naig of Sibley, Tom Smalley of LeMars and Trevor Carritt of Lewis Central.
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This week Jan and Mark talk about the LeMars Invite, MRAC and a lively discussion regarding the information Beste relayed to Northwest Iowa officials technique session.  Also, two coaches interviews, Jeremy Nielson of Council Bluffs AL and August Manz of Council Bluffs TJ.  A bonus feature, the play-by-play blow by blow match of Nick Loughlin of Cherokee and Blaze Gill of Sioux City North.

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Lively discussion on the subject of dodging a wrestler or is it strategy moving a wrestler from weight class to another.  Also, an interview with Joe Curran current ISU team member and former Heelan High School state champion.
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Discussion on weight classes, tournament results, interviews with Coach Phelps of AGH-SC, Josh Ihnen of Sheldon and Marcus Edington of Hinton. The conversation of Jan and Mark  is lively and thought provoking.
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This show contains several interview with local coaches, John Torno, Klint Koedam, Kyle Lewis, and Cavanaugh.  Discussion over local wrestling and whether 8 graders should be used in the  high schools.
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Discussion of local first week actions, MRAC tournament keep it or trash it and several interviews with Blaze Gill, Coaches Jim Fischer and Vince Pederson of Sioux City East.
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Interview with Brier Cliff College wrestling coach Damond Clayborne and discussion of the the Iowa Wrestling Insider rankings. 
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1A sectional and district discussion along with recap of Iowa Coaches Convention in Des Moines Iowa.
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Show 4 features three interviews.  Dan Gable, Tom Brands, and Bill Roths.  I hope all will enjoy these three intense individuals.
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Discussion regarding 3A team race..
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Post Season Assignments are out.  Jan and Mark talk 3A Districts as well as making predictions.  They also talk briefly about youth clubs in and around Sioux City.
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Discussion on Des Moines Register Coach of the year, possible district locations and coaches duties prior to the season.
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A recap of the 2007 state High School tournament and 2007 NAIA National  tournament held in Sioux City.
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Listen to the play by play of Noth Highs first two finalist ever........
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